Detroit Flava Pack


Once a vibrant city full of life, music and homegrown businesses, Detroit has taken a turn in the opposite direction. But, for Detroiters everywhere, there are always great memories and reasons to be proud to be a native. I moved to California 5 years ago. While I missed family, I also missed several unique foods and snacks. That’s why I started Detroit Flava Pack a year ago. In one year, we’ve shipped to 40+ states and 12 countries. DFP is dedicated to bringing Detroit to expats,college students and soldiers everywhere.


10% Discount on next order for a Detroit Flava Pack PLUS PACK. 

Share two 6pks of Pop of your choice (Faygo or Vernors), 20 Snack Bags of Better Made Chips, 2-7oz Bags of Germack Stadium Peanuts (Lions/Tigers/Red Wing/Pistons), 4- 2oz. bags of Nick’s Hot Corn Chips, a Bonus Detroit Flava Pack 6pk Cooler Bag and a personal message from you to the recipient.  Use Code CITI at checkout.


Limited Time Offer

Time to put your favorites in the Pantry.  Stock-up with 48 Pops of a random selection of Faygo and Vernors, 75 Snack Bags of Better Made Chips, a DETROIT VS EVERYBODY® Original T-Shirt, a Detroit Flava Pack Cooler Bag and a personal message from you to the recipient.

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